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Lists are curated collections of users. They are a way to limit who Eeny will pick from.


In the following examples the list is called “Awesome People”.

  • List: @Eeny lists - show all lists
  • Create: @Eeny create Awesome People
  • Pick: @Eeny pick Awesome People
  • Show: @Eeny show Awesome People - displays all users on the list
  • Delete: @Eeny delete Awesome People - this requires confirmation


List names can include letters, number and hyphens (-).

Warning: Lists can be access from any channel, not just where they were created. They are not private, even when created in a private channel.

  • Empty: @Eeny create Awesome People
  • With users: @Eeny create Awesome People with @You and @NotYou

Create an empty list @Eeny create Awesome People.

Screenshot of creating an empty Screenshot of creating an empty


You can see who is on a list with @Eeny show Awesome People. From there you can manage its users and view the statistics

Screenshot of a list Screenshot of a list


Managing users can be done via “Manage users” modal accessible after creating or viewing a list, or via the add and remove messages.

Screenshot of the list management model Screenshot of the list management model


  • @Eeny add @AwesomeDev to Awesome People
  • @Eeny add @OwnerOfProducts and @SuperTester to Awesome People


  • @Eeny remove @AwesomeDev from Awesome People
  • @Eeny remove @OwnerOfProducts @SuperTester from Awesome People


You can delete lists with @Eeny delete Awesome People. Deleting a list requires confirmation.

Remember: Deleting a list does not delete any reminders that use it. You’ll need to remove or update those yourself. If the reminders to get called, Eeny will jsut tell you that the list can’t be found.

Screenshot of deleting a list Screenshot of deleting a list

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